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Lifeboat Nh 1816 virtual tour

Do a virtual tour in and around the new generation Nh1816 lifeboat. Foto Storm-trials: KO-Photo


Nikolaas II Class lifeboat

A pontoon lauchable lifeboat, specific designed for open inland waters. KNRM initiated this class around 2009, while the Dutch built type II dates 2013. Total in use: 12


Lifeboat Valentijn 2000 class

A half open lifeboat suitable for beach- and harbour-launching. Since 2000 the KNRM uses nearly 20 boats of this class.



The KNRM is a charity foundation that saves lives at sea in the Netherlands. Our products, knowledge and services - developed over many years - are now available for other organizations on this website. 

All earnings of sales and consultancy will be used for funding the basic tasks of the KNRM’s foundation: saving lives at sea.

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